About Us

Established in 1985 as Life Line Crisis Pregnancy Center, we reorganized in 1988 as Life Line Pregnancy Center and have remained as such to today.

In 2010 we became a certified medical clinic for the purposes of extending our services and ultimately our reach. In addition to providing pregnancy tests, we are now able to offer ultrasound scans to determine pregnancy viability, gestational age and fetal heart rate.

Abortion recovery has remained a much-needed program for those who have experienced an abortion. This program provides a safe haven for women to process through the grief, pain and perhaps guilt that they may feel as a result of a previous abortion.

Today, our primary client is a college / career aged woman. As an organization, we have grown and changed over time in order to remain relevant to our primary client and her needs.

Under the leadership of the Board of Directors and in conjunction with the Executive Director, Life Line Pregnancy Center will remain relevant in our community by assessing our programs and services as they align with our mission and primary client.