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Annual Gala

Annual Gala

2024 Gala: Dr. Marc Newman

Dr. Marc Newman is an incisive pro-life apologist, president of Speaker For Life, (a training firm dedicated to equipping pro-life advocates with public speaking skills) author of Contenders: A Church-Wide Strategy to Unmask Abortion, Defeat Its Advocates, Empower Christians, and Change the World.

Dr. Marc is president of Speaker For Life, a training firm dedicated to equipping pro-life advocates nationwide with public speaking skills. He also trains pastors “How to Preach the Toughest Sermon” and equips Christians to make the scientific, moral, and biblical case for life at “Contenders: Making the Case” for Life events.

Previous Speakers:


2023 Gala: Matt Hammitt

Matt Hammitt is an American singer, songwriter, speaker and author. For almost twenty years, Matt was the lead singer for the band Sanctus Real. In 2010, Matt’s son, Bowen, was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart defect at nineteen weeks in utero. Matt released a children’s book with co-author, Jason Ingram, based on a song from his album, titled “I Couldn’t Love You More”

Thursday, March 30th

Past Banquet with speaker, Alex McFarland 2022

Annual Gala

Past Banquet with speaker, JJ Jasper 2021

LIVE STREAM: Above, Facebook & YouTube

JJ Jasper Speaking at a podium during Life Line Pregnancy Center's 2021 Annual Gala

Past Banquet with speaker, Cal Thomas 2020

Cal Thomas is an award winning journalist and leading expert on current events from a Biblical worldview!
With a twice-weekly column appearing in hundreds of newspapers nationwide, including our local Sunday paper, Cal Thomas is the most widely read and one of the most highly regarded voices on the American political scene.
For three decades he has been a trusted and entertaining speaker about our political future.