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Tonight’s event is being underwritten by generous supporters so that every dollar donated this evening will go directly to providing compassionate support to those at risk for or impacted by an unplanned pregnancy. Please give as the Lord leads. Your financial partnership provides an eternal investment for hundreds of people in our community.

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Lori’s Story

The nurse and the mentor walked back in the room to read the results of the pregnancy test. Lori was hopeful that it would be negative, but to her dismay, the result came back a decisive positive.


Lori sat rubbing her leg and in a low voice said, “I can’t keep this baby, it’s not how I envisioned my life right now.” The frightened, depressed 19 year-old girl leaned forward with her hands cupping her face. Small puddles of tears began to form in the palms of her hand. Her life had changed in an instant. She had only been in a relationship with the baby’s father for a short time: four months to be exact. What would he think, what would he say, and – more so – what would he do?

“I can’t keep this baby” she muttered through the tears, “I just can’t.”

Before leaving Lifeline Pregnancy Center, the mentor talked with Lori about her concerns with keeping the baby, prayed with her and encouraged her to come back for an ultrasound with her boyfriend.

The day came for her scheduled ultrasound appointment, but Lori never showed up. She never called to reschedule the appointment, so her mentor called to see if Lori had gone through with the abortion she so desperately felt she needed to have. To our relief, she had not. Without hesitation the mentor rescheduled her time to come in.


Lori arrived to her ultrasound with her boyfriend and her mother. Still extremely unsure about the outcome of this entire situation, she appeared withdrawn and sullen. She commented on how depressed this pregnancy was making her feel. Her face was long, and she spoke with a very indifferent tone during her visit. As she climbed onto the exam table, tears began to swell in her eyes. The nurse handed her a tissue and explained what was about to happen.

Moments later, for the very first time, Lori laid eyes on the baby. Her baby. Everything changed at that moment. Unwilling to let her guard down just yet, Lori stayed true to her story and outwardly remained in her place of uncertainty regarding the pregnancy.


Two weeks later, a very different Lori walked through our doors. She was smiling and she was ready to – with our help – prepare herself for parenting her growing baby. In addition, her boyfriend of now five months was just as committed as she was to the idea of parenting. Since then, together, they have successfully completed our parenting classes and are now participating in our one-on-one mentoring program. They are expecting their little one any day now!


Everyday we encounter women with similar stories. 
Women who are extremely lost, desperately hopeless and completely alone. 
Women who need your support, our guidance and God’s unconditional love.